ANDRE KEHDI & RENATO VIEIRA is the result of three ideals of the founding partners: ethics in criminal law, commitment to the client's interests and standard of excellence in the discussion and presentation of solutions. The attachment to values such as probity and transparency and the unrestricted technical stance before public institutions are the primary requirements of our services, adopted since the foundation of the firm, in 2007.


The inflexible standard of conduct motivates incessant labor by our professionals, that come from the best law schools and from whom is required solid preparation. This is reflected in the constant updating and also in the publication, in various medias, of opinions from the members on matters concerning the firm’s areas: criminal law and criminal procedure.


This is compounded by the constant care taken in the work carried out by the firm, not only by the institutionalized internal meetings to discuss the cases, but also by the attention given to the most recent and relevant positions adopted by the Brazilian courts and to the latest doctrine on criminal law and criminal procedure.


The firm stands out in criminal law for the excellency of its services in any part of the country, for the punctuality in decision-making and for the transparency with the clients. Moreover, the proximity the partners maintain with the cases provides an additional tool to the firm in the search of the best solutions.

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kehdi e vieira advogados
kehdi e vieira advogados
kehdi e vieira advogados
kehdi e vieira advogados
kehdi e vieira advogados
kehdi e vieira advogados


Andre Kehdi and Renato Vieira  acts on behalf of its clients, through the preparation of legal opinions and litigation, in all issues related to criminal law and criminal procedure. The professional activity is compounded, for instance, by the following topics:

  • Crimes against the financial system

  • Crimes involving money laundering

  • Crimes against the tax system

  • Crimes against the economic system

  • Crimes against the public administration

  • Bidding crimes

  • Crimes against the environment

  • Crimes against popular economy

  • Crimes against consumer relations

  • Bankruptcy crimes

  • Swindling and other frauds

  • IT crimes

  • Other crimes under the Penal Code and the uncodified law

  • Jury

  • Extradition and International Cooperation in criminal cases

  • Criminal appeals

  • Legal opinions

  • Legal action at the Supreme Federal Court (“Supremo Tribunal Federal”) and Superior Court of Justice (“Superior Tribunal de Justiça”)

  • Assistance to public prosecution




al. Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 680 - 18º andar 
01403 901  São Paulo SP


T +55 11 3539 1413 (WhatsApp)